Beyond the

Transformation pilots don't just solve today's problems.

They're always thinking about their next move.

These are the top-five technologies​ transformation pilots are prioritizing...


Artificial intelligence/
machine learning


Migrating data centers to the cloud


Robotic process automation/
intelligent automation


Customer experience


Digital commerce

Artificial intelligence/ machine-learning

Topping the list of both past investments and future priorities, AI is crucial to the success of these transformation pilots and their peers.

All CIOs would invest in AI​ if they had the additional financial resources.

Migrating data centers to the cloud

Cloud is another area where transformation pilots lead. β€œThe power of the cloud, data, and AI are redefining the future of work," says Sanjay Srivastava, chief digital officer at Genpact. "Transformation pilot CIOs will be the co-creators of new business models and future ready companies.β€œ

For all CIOs, cloud is crucial.

Over the next 12 months, all CIOs plan to continue or start their transition to the cloud.

And this isn't the only area where CIOs align.

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